PU What?

PUL.  Shorthand for polyurethane laminated fabric– a fabric treated with a waterproofing plastic material.  PUL is the most common fabric used for the outer layer of today’s cloth diapers. It makes an excellent material for modern cloth diapers because of its soft, breathable (no more plastic diaper pants!), flexible, and lightweight.  PUL has gained popularity, and are also used in other products such as mattress covers for infants and potty training toddlers, and even “mama pads”.   PUL fabrics hold up for years so items made of this material are economical.  They are also very easy to care for- just machine wash and dry!

When Bourgeois Baby was doing market research, one word came up repeatedly-waterproof.  Mom’s were looking for a quality waterproof bib!  The initial Bourgeois Baby bib prototype included the 3 layer terry cloth backing style.  While the terry cloth is absorbent, protective, durable, and functional (and stylish- of course!)- extremely large amounts of liquid could potentially soak all the way through.

This was when Jamie had her “aha!” moment.  Having heavily researched cloth diapering for her daughter Vera, she remembered that there was a unique waterproof outer fabric on modern cloth diapers.  As it turns out- PUL also makes an excellent bib material!

Bourgeois Baby bibs made with PUL are 100% waterproof, lightweight, durable, and long lasting!  All of our bib styles come with the option of PUL backing or terry cloth backing.  Both are excellent choices.   But if you are looking for 100% waterproof style bibs without the stiffness and crinkle, then the PUL backing is the practical option for your hip little one!