Where are your products made?

All Bourgeois Baby products are made in Nashua, New Hampshire. Fabrics and other supplies are sourced domestically where ever possible.

How do you ship orders?

We exclusively ship via the United States Postal Service.  Our default shipping is weight based, which is US First Class for orders under 13 ounces (typically 1-4 bibs).  All orders over 13 ounces will ship US Priority Mail.


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Most in stock orders ship within 48 hours. However, on occasion we have to make the bib to order and this can take up to 2 weeks from order to shipment. Packages are sent via First Class or Priority Mail depending on weight, so please allow 3-4 days for shipping. If orders are needed sooner, please feel free to call or text Bourgeois Baby at 603-459-5768 to set up expedited shipping.


I live near Nashua, NH. Can I pick up my order?

Absolutely! Before you place your order, contact us to make sure we will be around to arrange pick up. If this is possible, shipping fee will be waived.


I saw a certain bib print at a store/event/social media that I am not seeing on your website. Do you still carry it?

Possibly! Contact us via this page, via email jamie@bourgeoisbaby.com, or tag us on the social media you saw the product on. We also sell our out of print items and products exclusively in our Etsy shop at a discount.

You may also want to join our private Facebook group for exclusive prints, sales, and offers as well.   

Do you do custom orders?

Absolutely! We love custom orders. Have a certain theme you need for a baby shower gift? Need a matching or complementary bib and burp cloth set for a new baby? We love to work with customers to get just the right products for you. Of note, we can not do licensed image prints and all custom orders are not returnable.

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we do. We want you to love your Bourgeois Baby products. Please contact us promptly with any product concerns. Typically we accept all returns within 30 days of receipt of your order when in original, unused condition. 

What makes Bourgeois Baby bibs different than what is available at big box stores?

There are several things that you will notice about our products that make them different than bibs at your local big box chain store. Our bibs are designed after modern cloth diapers- we use several layers of absorbent fabrics commonly found in cloth diaper soakers and inserts. The backings are either an organic cotton and bamboo terry cloth or a waterproof polyester. Both of these fabrics are found in modern cloth diapers. The snaps for neck closure are also heavy duty cloth diaper industry supply. Our bibs are also meant to last for years- our tester bibs from 2012 are still in use! You can read more about our bibs here.

The neck opening of the bibs seem small. Will it really fit my baby?

Yes! There are a couple things to consider when it comes to this. First- big box store bibs tend to have a large, gaping neck opening which leads to drool and food getting behind the bib. Second- babies necks’ actually get thinner and longer as they grow. We have had a few customers say our bibs seemed snug on their 2 month old but our bibs ended up fitting them perfectly once they grew a little. Third- our bibs are meant to sit higher at the neck for better coverage, and our Original Baby Bibs have two snaps for an adjustable fit.

Can Bourgeois Baby Bibs be machine washed and dried?

Absolutely! We recommend machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Worried about a stain? Get the bib soaking wet in warm to hot water.  Then make a paste with warm water and an oxygen based cleaner, apply directly to the stain. Allow to sit for six hours.  Throw the bib with the paste into the wash.  This has worked well for us, even on chocolate, blueberry, and carrot puree!

How long do your bibs last?

Our test product bibs are 7 years old and are still going strong!

Are your bibs waterproof?

We have a waterproof polyester backing available on some of our bib styles. This fabric is called “PUL” in the cloth diaper industry and is 100% waterproof. This fabric is a smooth surfaced polyester, with a laminated side (hidden on the inside of the bib). This fabric does not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are BPA and phthalate free.

Do you have any gender neutral products?

We have a special section just for baby bibs for any baby!

My baby is a heavy drooler. What bib works best for wearing beyond meal time?

Any of our bibs are great for heavy droolers. However, we do have our Bourgeois Basic Bibs that have two layers and are more lightweight. We would suggest if you do purchase a Bourgeois Basic that you go with a waterproof backing. If you are purchasing an Original or Newborn style then our three layers do a great job at drool catching while keeping baby dry.

Why are the Original bibs shaped weird? Why are they called “Original”?

Our Original Bourgeois Baby Bibs in both conventional and organic cottons have shoulder wings for coverage. They are called “Original” because this was a key feature when we designed them for our “Original Bourgeois Baby” Vera. These shoulder wings cover and fold over so that no food or other mess can creep beyond traditional bib coverage. Babies can certainly make messes beyond what you thought possible (ours did!) and our Original bib helps to keep them clean and dry.

What age is best for baby bibs?

Our bibs have been tested from newborn through age 4. Every parent and care taker will find what works best for them, but we have found on average people use bibs from ages 2 months through 2 years.

Are your organic bibs OEKO Tex or GOTS Certified?

Our finished organic product is not OEKO Tex or GOTS Certified but they are made from fabrics that are.

Do your products meet the Children’s Product Safety Improvement Act Standards?

Yes, our bibs, burp cloths, and clothing are all CPSIA compliant.

I own/run a small business and would like to carry Bourgeois Baby products. How can we set up an account?

Thank you so much for your interest in Bourgeois Baby. All wholesale inquires should be directed to Jamie@BourgeoisBaby.com