About Us

Building a Better Bib!

Jamie Bourgeois, owner of Bourgeois Baby, own daughter was an infant, they searched extensively for a bib with optimal coverage, absorbency, durability, and style. Despite trying various options, meal times consistently resulted in a mess, prompting Jamie to seek a solution.

Jamie's motto is "Craft or Die" - so naturally she headed to her sewing machine. After incorporating all of the design elements needed for a less messy meal, Jamie constructed the bib she had been looking for! In 2012, Bourgeois Baby LLC was created to share her premium bibs using designer fabrics with parents and babies everywhere. 

6 Ways Bourgeois Bibs are Simply Better:

#1 Better Bib Materials

Our baby bibs are based on a modern cloth diaper design. This means that all our bibs are handmade with three layers of fabrics and materials that are also used in modern cloth diapers. The top layer is made of absorbent designer cottons in fun, stylish patterns. The middle layer is a plush absorbent cotton flannel to provide backup absorbency. Lastly, the bottom layer consists of either a luxurious bamboo blend terry cloth or a 100% waterproof PUL material.

#2 Better Bib Design

Our designs are simply better than mass produced bibs. The neck openings are adjustable and smaller so it fits higher up the neck, which means no food or fluid goes behind the bib! The Original style has funny shaped "wings" that cover over the shoulders and upper arms for better clothing protection without limiting movement. Snap closures ensure a long lasting bib and easy machine wash and dry! 

#3 Bibs Built to Last

All of our bibs are truly high quality that can be used for years. Our first bibs are more than 10 years old and are still going strong! We have even seen some of our customers pass down bibs to new babies in their families.

#4 Bibs Made in the USA

All our Bourgeois Baby bibs are fully designed and handcrafted in Nashua, New Hampshire. We buy all the "raw" materials and assemble each bib with the same amount of care and love we put into our very first bib for Vera. We believe in American manufacturing that produces quality, long lasting items. 

#5 Sustainable Bibs

We utilize fabrics that are made with the Earth and our health in mind. Our waterproof polyester PUL bibs do not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are BPA and phthalate free. The organic bibs use organic fabrics that are either OKEO-TEX 100 or GOTS certified. 

#6 Designed with Experience 

Before creating Bourgeois Baby, Jamie has worked 25 years in healthcare as a Registered Nurse in maternal child health, later as a Certified Nurse Midwife, and most recently in psychiatric mental health. In 2011, Jamie’s daughter Vera was born unexpectedly at 31 weeks gestation, which prompted her to become a stay at home mom for four years. All of this experience, along with decades of crafting experience, has gone into the careful design and construction of each bib!

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You can find our bibs at many Whole Foods Markets around New England.