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Hearts & Cats Original Baby Bib

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Bibs at Bourgeois Baby are designed to be long-lasting. Each bib is crafted with top-notch fabrics that maintain their quality even after multiple washes. Our loyal customers often mention how their Bourgeois Baby bibs are able to withstand wear and tear for years, making them a treasured hand-me-down item. We are confident that you will be thoroughly impressed with our product and will return to try out more styles.


Bib Overview

- 3 layer construction for absorbency and protection
- Adjustable snaps to fit a growing baby and toddler
- Ample shoulder coverage
- Longer & wider bib front to protect shirts
- Durable, high quality that will last baby from infancy through toddler years
- Easy care machine wash & dry
- Each bib is carefully crafted the USA
- Hip styles babies want!

- Length from back of neck to bottom of bib- approximately 11 inches
- Length across widest point: approximately 13 inches

Due to the nature of this fabric, variations may occur.