Why Buy Gender-Neutral Products?

Grays, yellows, and greens are some of the most common “gender-neutral” colors we see on children’s products, and those colors seem to appear more and more in recent years! Bourgeois Baby loves to keep up with the current trends in kid products, and we can think of a few reason parents are loving this design choice.

Gender stereotypes are a part of the past

To begin, there are many parents and companies out there making a transition from the stereotypical “girls” and “boys” product. Bourgeois Baby can see the appeal of taking down this invisible walls, especially when all we want is for our children to be happy.

It can avoid possible bickering

We all have had the arguments with our toddlers and young children when they decide after receiving a gift that they didn’t get the color they wanted. Gender-neutral gifts can often be the compromise in the middle, and might help with those small battles all parents face.

It is versatile for all of your children

Having children close in age can make buying products feel impossible, especially when it comes to items that have their favorite characters on them. Buying gender-neutral can save you the frustration, time, and a little bit of money from having to by double of everything.

It can be re-gifted or reused

Whether you have more children of your own or pass along hand-me-downs to a loved one, you don’t have to worry about the implications of the style, pattern, characters, and more. For example, buy gender neutral baby burp cloths and bibs means reusing them time and time again, no matter the gender of the new child in your life.

Bourgeois Baby creates organic burp cloths that are 100% cotton, absorbent, durable, and super cuddly soft! Our brushed flannel draws away liquid quickly, and the terry cloth backing is great for wiping faces. With more questions about our line of gender neutral products, check us out online or call us today at (603) 459-5768.