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Why Bourgeois Baby Bibs Are Awesome

Here at Bourgeois Baby, we receive excellent feedback about our bibs. A common theme is that Bourgeois Baby bibs have become the go-to bibs, the favorites of the pile of bibs you have.  This is our goal- to make the best baby bib on the market; one that is stylish but actually works!

We've collected some of the things moms are saying about our bibs to share with you.  These quotes are taken directly from emails, Facebook posts and messages, as well as direct compliments when I get to speak with customers.

"I absolutely love the bibs that were sent!!!!!! They fit my daughter...s neck perfectly and absorb the milk she misses perfectly! I find myself washing these often so I can reuse them."- JD, mom of 3

"I own 13 of your bibs and have given several as presents. They are the only bibs we use. Definitely one of those "live and learn moments". I was buying cheaper bibs that when washed the Velcro closure would destroy and pill other fabrics and the bibs that were already short in length would curl up after being dried. Your bibs are well worth the money."- MS, mom of 1

"I've gotta tell you, my sister was raving about how amazing your bibs/burp cloths are at her baby shower recently....just like I was when I received them a few months ago. We'll both be submitting reviews, and you should definitely expect another order once the baby is born. You make great stuff!!"- RS, new aunt

"I can't wait for my bestie to have her baby so I can see those bibs in action!!"-MD, mom of 2

"Bourgeois Baby's bibs are the longest lasting bibs I've ever used. They've provided years of use for now two of my children! I couldn't be any happier with the product."-JT, mom of 2



Of course we love the love from our customers!  and we love the constructive feedback as well.  As a result, we have widened the neck opening a bit to allow for babies with bigger necks to comfortably wear our bibs.  Our bibs were designed to sit close to the neck for even greater coverage, and for neck to be adjustable for growing babies.  And believe it or not, as baby grows his neck will lengthen and thin- I was using the smaller snap setting on Vera once she hit about 12 months old.

We've can even make ever larger neck openings than our standard size- just contact us and we might be able to make a specific bib just for your little one who needs a little more room.  Bourgeois Baby doesn't just want to be known for our awesome bibs- we strive to also be the small business that is known for excellent customer service.  We want you to happy with your Bourgeois Baby products like so many already are!

You can always post feedback directly on our website product pages, or feel free to email us at