What the Tags and Labels Mean On Our Designer Baby Bibs

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What the Tags and Labels Mean On Our Designer Baby Bibs

All of our baby bibs have all of the tags noted on the picture here. Anything that has the Bourgeois Baby logo is branding to allow the customer know quickly that the quality bib in their hands is made by us. We attach branding labels in both permanent and what is considered "secure" tags.

Most people don't bother looking at the tags on the clothing and other accessories that they buy, but some of those tags are legally mandated in the US.  Both the compliance/regulatory and the branding labels are important, and we will explain them both.

There Are Two Main Federal Regulating Bodies That Our Baby Bibs Fall Under

CPSIA Compliance tags: these tags are required by the Consumer Protection Safety Improvement Act of 2008 under the Consumer Protection Safety Commission.  Specific information is required on these labels, and it attests that the materials meet the federal regulations for children in regards to clothing flammability and plastics (for our snaps). They also include tracking information for each bib. These tags are permanent and you will find them on the back of our bibs.

FTC Compliance tags: these tags are required by the Federal Trade Commission. The material contents, care instructions, and any care warnings must be affixed securely to the bibs.  When you purchase a bib from our website we affix the smaller hang tag before shipment, and when purchased through one of our retailers the bibs will be affixed to a large retail package with the required information. They can be removed by the customer.

Small Business Is Not Exempt From CPSIA or FTC Requirements

Often times you will notice at craft fairs and expos, as well as Etsy sellers that sell items without any labels or tags.  This often times does not mean that the maker and seller are selling harmful wares to their customers but are unaware of the regulations that their goods fall under.  There is often times a misconception that small business and crafter type businesses are exempt, which is not true. 

When in doubt as a customer if a handcrafted business (or any business) you can always ask if the product is compliant under the CPSIA regulations.  If you have any questions about this topic or our products in relation to regulatory compliance please contact us.  For a more in depth article on the CPSIA written for handcrafters, please see my article in the Craft Industry Alliance journal.