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Toddlers can be a hassle to buy for and when you’re racing around after your little cutie, it can be hard to find the time to buy new things, especially when you need them. If you’re looking for bibs, wipe cloths and clothing that will last, taking the time to find the best of these can be tough.


While you can buy baby clothing from almost any store like Target or Marshalls, the best baby clothing can also be found at consignment stores for lower prices. It is easier to buy and sell things that your baby will grow out of or not want any more at stores like this while shopping for new things that they want and need. Toddlers and babies grow out of clothing so fast, the practical thing to do is buy them those cute clothes you love at a store for half the price.


This doesn’t go for bibs. Bibs should be well made with the right types of cloth to help keep your toddler clean while they run and play and eat. Though you might find some cute ones at a consignment store, the best places to find bibs like this are online. Handcrafted bibs tend to be the strongest and now, they come in cute designs like skulls or bows so that your personality and your toddler’s is on show even when they’re a mess. Not only will you love the styles, you’ll love the way it cleans. Good bibs can cover your entire little one while being absorbent on one side and waterproof on the other. What this does is simple, it helps to wipe off that adorable face when it needs to be cleaned and repels any spills you dread, all in one object. Instead of using many napkins, paper towels or little face cloths on your toddler, just get a well made bib. Not only will it cut down on paper towel use, it will be cute enough to keep for years and practical enough that you’ll only need to buy one, though you might want more when you see the designs.