Tips for the First Day of Child Care

The first day of child care is a big step for both you and your child! No matter if they are months old or a toddler, this can be an emotional experience for all and you want to be sure your child is comfortable in this new space. Bourgeois Baby knows the feeling and we have a few suggestions to be sure you’re ready.

Inform your employer

If you’re headed back to work, let your employer know about your new adjustment. For the first few days, you might find yourself getting to work a few minutes later or having to leave a few minutes early. A warning is a great way to let everyone know your lifestyle change is happening and will adjust soon.

Leave your home a little bit earlier 

You might find yourself hugging a little tighter and for a little longer. Giving you and your child a few extra minutes to acclimate to their new routine might be helpful for both of you. It gives you a moment to feel more comfortable, and it also lets you really sink in those precious first-time moments.

Be sure all the essentials are packed 

From their favorite toy to a snack for break time, you’ll want to be sure your child feels comfortable and packing the essentials can help! More than just their favorite things, remember to pack the products and items they need most. For example, many parents might pack their favorite baby bib for their drool-y eater.

If you’re looking for solutions for your drooling or messy child while they are at child care, Bourgeois Baby has the answer. We have a unique, stylish baby bibs that are designed for even the untidiest eaters out there. For more about our materials and our products, check us out online or call us today at (603) 459-5768.