Three Amazing Baby Shower Ideas

Your best friend’s baby shower is coming up in a few weekends and you still haven’t picked anything out for her! Don’t wake up in a cold sweat the night before the shower because you didn’t have any ideas for amazing baby shower gifts for boys or girls. Check out these three amazing shower gift ideas from Bourgeois Baby:

Boutique Burp Cloth

If this is your friend’s first child, they might not understand the utility a handcrafted, high quality boutique burp cloth can provide. But fear not! When your friend or family member opens up their gift to reveal a hand-stitched boutique burp cloth, they’re going to be wowed by not only the quality of the material, but the look as well. We offer our burp clothes in gender neutral colors, as well as the tried and true pink and blue. And they’re built to last.

Designer Swaddle Blankets

There’s nothing better for a baby than to be wrapped up tighter than a burrito and tucked into mom or dad’s arms. Our swaddle blanket is made from a high quality cotton gauze that allows your baby stay comfortable even under the folds of the blanket. It also makes for a great nursing cover, and an awesome pad for your baby’s tummy time!

Mom/Dad Bodysuits

Let the battle of the sexes continue! Your baby might not be able to read the print on our handmade “Mom” or “Dad” bodysuit, but they’ll appreciate the quality of the material. So will you when it comes time to wash it. We’ve chosen only the best materials for our bodysuits to ensure that it can stand up to the rigors of your infant or toddler. Cotton let’s your baby’s skin breathe, and denim will ensure it holds up in the wash.

If you’re in the market for quality baby accessories that don’t only look good, but preform even better, Bourgeois Baby is your best choice. Make sure to check out our online catalog for a full listing of all of our styles and products, or give us a call today at (603) 459-5768!