The M.O.M. List For Gifts

Having friends, family and loved ones try and pick out a baby gift for your shower, a birthday, holiday or any other special occasion can sometimes be a hassle because they do not know exactly what you may want or need. An easy way to dissipate some, if not most of your close one’s worries, is to make a list of the items yourself or make a list through a store gift registry of items you desire or require for your baby. Some things you need to think about while making this list are below in what you may call the M.O.M system.

  • MONEY: People attending will most likely be ranging in age and wage, so having a healthy balance of expensive and inexpensive baby gifts on your list is important. This will allow everyone to participate in being able to buy things for the baby and can be in their price area.
  • OPTIMALITY: Take note of all the things you need or will need soon and put them on your list with a few items you may want. It is important to make sure the number of needed items outweighs the number of wanted ones simply because you find them necessary. Also, do research on cool baby gifts and innovations that have come out that you may not know about and could possibly help around the house.
  • MAKE: The products you put on your list should be quality made and fulfill the requirements you need that specific gift to do. You want to be detailed with everything on your list because every baby has different skin, appetites and living situations, so something that may be good for another person’s baby, may not be the best for yours.

The M.O.M. system will hopefully help you make a list of baby gifts more efficiently and easily. If you want to sign up for a gift registry for your baby or want to know where to go to get unique baby gifts, Bourgeois Baby is the place to visit. Either go to our website by clicking one of the links above or call us at 603-459-5768