Cool Baby Shower Gifts -

The Coolest Baby Gifts Are Rich In Practicality

An invitation to a baby shower can be an exciting thing. A family member, friend or colleague is having a baby and you get to share in the celebration, but with an invite to the shower, comes the need to bring a gift. Maybe you don’t have enough money that trendy stroller, crib or changing table and just buying a pack of diapers and formula, no matter how helpful, just isn’t cool enough for a memorable shower gift. Cool baby gifts with practicality can be hard to come by.

Cute… and it Works!

Cute and functional gifts that aren’t already in someone else’s gift bag are hard to come by. There is that fun little frog that goes over the water faucet during bath time… Your friend bought them that a week ago.  The cute designer box of wipes with giraffes or Winnie the Pooh are in the gift basket from the office. Baby clothes are always cute, but parents always have too many pieces of clothing and babies grow out of them so quickly.  It seems worthless to spend $20 on something the baby will only wear for a week when you may as well just keep them in a bib with a diaper on and nothing else on a hot day during meal time. Cool baby gifts that aren’t on everyone’s main shopping list but probably should be are things such as bibs, burp cloths, socks and hats.  Knowing this will make you the envy of the people that gave those gifts that were used once and never seen again.

Cool And Clean Baby

Babies aren’t scarce and so cool baby gifts shouldn’t be either. Cheap bibs and burp cloths don’t last when all that babies really do for the first few months are eat, spit-up, pee and poop with a kaleidoscope of messes mixed in there. Drinks, purees and baby food can end up all over baby and mom and clean up can be cute and helpful at the same time. On today’s market, handcrafted objects can be kind of scarce and undervalued.  Finding a quality bib that doesn’t just lock in the mess, but helps keep it off your baby’s clothes and acts as that final wipe to clean your little one’s messy face, is not only cool, but a lifesaver. It doesn’t hurt that they offer a variety of bib patterns and designs that express the personality of not only baby, but mom and dad as well. Burp cloths will also keep mom or dad’s clothing safe from their baby’s big mess and at a time like that, who needs a burp cloth that just pushes the mess around? Cute burp cloths and bibs made to cover more of your baby help to some hassle and make cute gifts that other partygoers will be jealous of when the baby is still wearing their gift 2 years later.

Ready for Action

A baby can be ready for action at a very young age, escaping from parents left and right. Though they will outgrow clothes, break the frog over the faucet and need many more of those cute packs of wipes, not only will a well-made bib and burp cloth last, they can be handed down as memories when the baby is no longer a baby anymore or to their new sibling!