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Studio Seconds Are Really First Quality

Don't let the name Studio Seconds fool you.  Our outlet section of our shop is truly first quality- they just have minor goofs.  This sets us apart from retail outlet stores, which many use inferior quality materials and workmanship to provide product at a lower price.  The thing with this approach is that although the product is cheaper than the first quality store products, they are purposely made cheaper. 

An example of this in my personal experience is a handbag that I own, which was purchased from the outlet.  This handbag company is known for a high quality product and the price reflects this.  The outlet version looks much like the retail store products, but just 6 months after typical use the outlet bag is already showing considerable wear and manufacturing break down.

Bourgeois Baby Studio Seconds are "second" quality only in name.  Our Studio Second shop carries products that are made of the exact same top quality fabrics and in the same studio as our boutique quality products.  During the inspection process, we determined some level of a minor error.  These flaws tend to be topstitching errors, incomplete seam catch that doesn't effect the style or function of the product, or frayed labels.  A few of our Studio Second burp cloths are perfectly manufactured but the decorative fabric was attached with crooked lines.

I highly recommend trying out our Studio Second products! You will be pleasantly surprised at their long lasting quality and function at a great price.