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Stay Busy During the Winter Months

The first few weeks of winter can be exciting and even a little enjoyable. Between the first few snow falls, the refreshing cooler air, and all the outdoor activities for you and your family, its hard not to enjoy all that New England has to offer. But then, all too soon, the freeze sets in. We’re stuck inside with our little ones because the wind chill is in the negatives and we’ve been watching way too much TV. 

What is there to do? We have a few ideas to keep you and the kids from going stir-crazy. 

Make a fun project out of breakfast and lunch, there is so much your little ones could do to help! It could be silly like adding a little food coloring to your eggs, or maybe eating breakfast for lunch. This simple chore becomes an activity when everyone gets involved, and kids sure love eating the concoctions they make. 

Building an obstacle course or fort out of soft furniture in your house keeps the little ones entertained for hours! Not only can you make it where and how you want it, your kids’ imaginations can run wild with fun games and narratives. 

Make a show with the living room as your stage. Play music on pots and pans, sing into the wood spoons in your kitchen, and twirl scarves around like acrobats. Simple, and free ideas around the house this time of year don’t have to be boring, let your creativity run free.

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