Products that Grow with Your Child

Of all the products, toys, and foods we buy for our children over the years, we are often searching for items that will last us for more than a few months. Bourgeois Baby can understand the need for your purchases to grow with your kids and we have a few suggestions that you will love to invest in.

Push/pull toys

Don’t just buy a baby walker that you will toss to the side when your little one learns to move on their own two feet, invest in a toy that they will love for years. There are many walkers out there with built-in games that will be useful long after they are mobile.


Maybe one of the larger investments you make regarding your young child, you’ll want to be sure that your stroller is durable and can also adapt to your child’s needs as they get older. Many strollers now offer adjustable seats, and even pop-out extensions for your toddler to stand on when they are too tired to walk.

Car seats

There is a big debate when a child should move from a rear facing to a front facing car seat. Though the decision is ultimately up to you, don’t feel that you must go buy an entirely new seat! Many seats can now adjust from rear to front facing and entirely comfortable.

Crib to toddler beds

It can be an exciting transition from crib to a "big kid" bed, but you might not have the funds or the desire to buy a toddler bed when you’ll soon be purchasing a regular-size bed for your child. Many cribs now have additional pieces and modifications that can turn a crib into a simple and suitable toddler bed for your little one.

Though clothes come and go as your new baby grows, there are plenty of ways you can keep up with their size and their drooling, teething mouths. Bourgeois Baby makes handmade baby bibs created from super absorbent cotton, terry cloth, and flannel materials to create a lightweight and comfortable. If you’re searching for newborn bibs, check us out online or call us today a (603) 459-5768.