Problems Only Parents with Young Kids Understand

Having young children is an adventure, and it is known to come with a few problems that nearly every parent has faced! Bourgeois Baby knows you can relate, and we can think of a few dilemmas all parents with young children have faced in the past.

Having to use the bathroom when your child is asleep on you

We have all faced those moments where we have to choose between the integrity of our bladder and our possible nap or peaceful few hours of sleep.

Finding your stroller in the stroller park

Any family park on the planet has the dreaded stroller park, and trying to distinguish your stroller from the 400 others that look identical can make leaving just a little more painful.

Sharing your bed with more than just your spouse

From monsters to bad dreams, that king size bed that felt so large and luxurious a few years ago is a little cramped with so many feet in your face and elbows in your side.

Walking away for minute and coming back to


We’ve all done it, blinked and found a child covered in marker or hanging from the counter to reach that one last cookie. We even try to be mad about it before bursting out laughing.

Finding privacy to breastfeed in public

Feeling comfortable while you feed your child can be difficult, and we’ve all been there hiding behind a fake plant at the local mall while trying to avoid eye contact with anyone passing by.

Luckily, Bourgeois Baby has an answer for that last problem. Our infinity scarf nursing covers can be worn as an accessory, has wide enough fabric to cover you well, is made out of comfortable and light material, and comfortable sizing allows for your child to grow. A nursing cover scarf might not solve all of your parenting problems, but it can at least help one! With more questions about our inventory, check us out online or call us today at (603) 459-5768.