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Our Photos Are Awesome

We just love product photos that feature models! All of the photos with our models are taken by the very talented Jessica Torosian of Jessica Torosian Photography.  Jessica is located in Northwood, NH and has photographed numerous newborns, infants, families, weddings, and professional business products.  Take a look at her online gallery.  
Jessica has a special talent in capturing a natural essence- you will notice that our models are featured being themselves.  Although most are taken within a professional studio, Jessica works best capturing our models playing, interacting with their moms, and just having a great time being the center of attention!
Jessica opened up "shop" at the same time Bourgeois Baby opened in 2012.  In honor of transparency, I've known Jess since 2009 when I first started working as a nurse midwife.  Our due dates with our first children were only 2 days apart.  Both of us delivered early with babies in the NICU.  We both ended up leaving our health care careers shortly after and realized we had passions of a creative sort. I've been lucky to be able to continue working with her professionally and just love what her photographs have done to make our products look so good!  I've also had Jess take personal photos of my family, and she does an absolute beautiful job portraying Vera's personality.

To book with Jess, you can contact her via her website or at 603-380-0905.  Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, too.