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Our Bibs Have Wings!

Here is Vera eating a messy lunch of pasta (light on sauce, heavy on parmesan…just like her mom!), which most definitely required one of our Original Bourgeois Baby Bibs. She’s reached a point that not all meals require a bib, but messy meals like pasta would be a disaster if not for a bib.

When the Original bibs were designed, Vera (the baby tester model) was about 6 months old. The bibs were designed to provide ample coverage, particularly over the shoulder and upper arm area for infants who loved to look around (and especially behind them!) while eating. The bibs that were on the market just didn’t adequately cover the areas their messy faces could potentially touch when looking to the sides or reaching up at themselves. So the shoulders and upper arms were an area of particular concern when drafting the bibs which lent to the birth of the “wings”.

Now Vera is almost 2, and look at how well these areas are still protected! The “wings” design on our Original Bourgeois Baby Bibs wrap nicely over her shoulders and drape towards the upper arm. Here she is looking at her mom behind her, who was trying very hard to get good pics of the awesome coverage on a moving target!

All of our bibs are meant to grow with your child; you get years out of these bibs and even be able to be passed down to siblings! And of course, they will always be very stylish while maintaining the practical features you are looking for.

If you were wondering, Vera is wearing the Peace Out Pink bib with the terry cloth backing, which is currently on clearance! And don’t forget we are in the middle of our Made in NH Expo presale – get 20% off your entire order now through March 17. Enter PRESALE at checkout.