Nap Time -

Nap Time: Sewing

Obviously I use nap time to sew. And now that Vera has been on just one nap a day (which can be anywhere from 2 hours or a beautiful gift of almost 4 hours!), it cuts down my work time. So I’ve found a few little tricks to help keep things as efficient as possible.

One is keeping things moving like an assembly line. I guess you could call it a one woman assembly line, but it has kept things moving. I don’t sew one bib at a time. Actually, I keep to one step at a time. One nap time might be all cutting fabric, the next just sewing labels onto the fabrics, another topstitching…you get the idea.

Cutting fabric is probably one of my most frustrating activities in terms of the process, and mostly because some of the fabrics start moving as I cut, causing wonky fabric lines on slippery fabric like PUL. So, what works well is clipping the edges together, with binder clips! Perhaps you all knew this little trick, but if not, here you go: