Must-Haves for Your Baby’s Winter Wardrobe

If you're a first-time mom or just a mom in New England, then you are already preparing for the cold winter season. Though it's always suggested to stay inside when you can, we also know that you must get from A to B with your baby in tow. Keeping kids safe is our number one priority, and for that, Bourgeois Baby has a few must-haves for a baby’s closet.

A snowsuit

Though it might seem silly and your newborn isn’t going to be playing in the snow, a snowsuit is a great investment for the season during times when you might be moving them outdoors. It’s a onesie with the intention of keeping your baby warm. Always be sure to dress your child in clothes under their suit and check their temperature regularly.

Hats, mittens, and booties

Think about how cold our fingers and feet get in the winter! Most of the heat from our bodies escapes from our head and feet, so be sure to protect these areas. Having these (literally) small extras are an ideal way to ensure your child is not uncomfortable while they are outside, and will be easy to remove once they are in a warm, indoor area. 

An extra warm blanket 

In addition to suggested covers for your baby seat and stroller, your child's clothing just might not be enough to keep them warm. Always carry a thick, fleece-like blanket with you in case it is needed. On top of the added warmth, it can act as protective barrier from the snow, the wind, and other winter elements. 

Always be sure that before you bundle your little one up that their clothes are dry and free of drool. An easy, effective way to ensure this is by investing in Bourgeois Baby’s organic baby bibs. With their absorbent materials, like our terry cloth backing, you will be sure to keep even the most drooling baby dry. 

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