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Make Valentine’s Day Special (On a Budget)

Valentine’s day is a fun time of year to show everyone you’re close with just how much you love them, and we couldn’t agree more. We think that family time should be fun and exciting, and what better way than making Valentine’s day foods and activities together?


Hearts make the world go round! A simple way to make your meals festive this day is by cutting, shaping, or placing your foods to look like hearts. It can be a great activity to complete as a family, or surprise your kids with heart-shaped pancakes and watermelon for breakfast. Get creative and fun with your treats, this is a wonderful chance to sit everyone together and work on something you can all enjoy.


Friendship bracelets to show your love. Another quick and easy idea involves beads and pipe cleaners. After separating the red, white, and pink beads from the other colors, string them through pieces of pipe cleaners to make simple friendship bracelets. These bracelets can be twisted on your children’s wrist, removed easily, and cost close to nothing.


Add just a bit of red dye. When it comes to food and activities, a few drops of red food coloring could make your day just that much more special. From Play-Doh to cake, this fun addition to your day will make it one to remember for the kids.


Oh, if you’re looking for something extra cute for Valentine’s day for your kiddos, check out Bourgeois Baby’s zombie bibs or tulle shirt for toddlers. With options for a hot pink or ballerina pink heart, your little one will love to wear it all year!