Make Tub Time More Fun on National Bathtub Party Day!

The holidays might be just around the corner, but Bourgeois Baby wants to fully celebrate National Bath Tub Party day with our favorite moms out there! If there is one thing we have learned while making handmade baby bibs that are absorbent, made with quality materials, and are super soft, is the luxury of having a clean baby after a messy meal. We know not everyone has bought our bibs, and have a few suggestions to make tubby time even better on this December 5th!


You would be surprised how many young children will calm once a fun song is being played or sung. Your child loves hearing your voice, and singing can teach them a lot about language skills and rhythm.

Talking to your baby

You might find yourself focused on getting every part of their body clean, but be sure to spend some quality time talking to your baby. Tell them which body part you are washing, and most importantly have fun together.


From teething toys to bathtub paints, there is a huge selection of bath time toys out there, and your biggest worry is finding one your child will love! Let their imagines run wild and have fun while you get the scrubbing done.

If you are looking for newborn bibs, consider trying ours! Made with cotton, flannel materials, terry backing, and awesome patterns, our lightweight bibs will leave you never wanting to go back to your name-brand favorites again.

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