Make Bourgeois Baby Your One Stop for Handmade Baby Bibs

Every new mother must make a tough choice: fashion or function? Don’t fret another minute over what doesn’t have to be a decision at all! Bourgeois Baby eliminates the age old conundrum by introducing hip, durable, and above all, environmentally responsible lines of baby clothing, handmade baby bibs, and nursing scarves. We’re committed to providing new moms only the highest quality and stylish accessories to brighten up both you and your baby’s day!

One of the best examples of our commitment to making quality products are our bibs. Inspired by modern trends and fashions, our bibs aren’t only pleasing to look at, they’re produced with a conscience. All of our products are made in the United States without utilizing underpaid labor. When you order a handmade baby bib from Bourgeois Baby, you can rest easy knowing exactly where your product came from.

And when it comes to handmade baby bibs, you aren’t going to find a better selection of patterns and style. Even a quick glance through our online catalog will show you our diversity and hand selected patterns.

Not only are the patterns gorgeous to look at, but they’re woven into a durable product! Every mom knows how hard infants and toddlers can be on clothing, bibs especially. Bourgeois Baby knows your struggle! Our products are designed to with a three layer construction to help ensure your bib lasts your baby from infancy to toddlerhood in one piece! They’re also designed to provide a larger area of protection over your child’s clothes, to help make sure you aren’t stuck in an endless cycle. And the best part? Our bibs can stand up to machine wash and dry!

If you’re in the market for quality baby bibs that don’t only look good, but preform even better, Bourgeois Baby is your best choice. Make sure to check out our online catalog for a full listing of all of our styles and products, or give us a call today at (603) 459-5768!