Less Mess, No Stress

Whether its the look, size, durability or material, something many new parents struggle with is trying to find newborn bibs for their babies. Here is a list of things to go over before buying a bib for a newborn: 

  • Make sure you like the pattern, words or pictures on the bib. Even though some of the lesser attractive newborn bibs are cheaper, if you do not like it now, you probably never will and the way it looks may not be all that is wrong with it.
  • Depending upon how your child eats and any possible skin issues they may have, the backing of the bib should be either a soft cloth like a terry cloth or waterproofed like a plastic backed bib would be.
  • Size matters when it comes to a newborn bib, so purchase something that is both long and also wide. This will provide more coverage while eating, teething and drooling and be able to grow with the baby.
  • Layered bibs are necessary, especially for eating because nobody wants to have to fully change a newborn every single time they eat. The layers will prevent you from having to keep changing the child multiple times a day and worrying about not having enough clothing for them.
  • You should not have to check the tags of every single fancy bib out their to make sure you are washing a newborn bib correctly. Save yourself the trouble and buy one that is machine washable simply because it is easier to do and less time consuming.

Remember to stick to these few tips when buying newborn bibs and hopefully all your bib needs will be met. If you want to know where to buy a bib that meets these standards, come to us at Bourgeois Baby by either clicking one of the links above or call us at 603-459-5768.