Indoor Kid’s Activities When It’s Just Too Hot!

Summer is in full swing in New England and we’re known to have those excruciatingly hot days where going outside feels worse than staying in. Bourgeois Baby knows not only all about making quality newborn baby bibs, but also some seriously fun activities for your kids on those days you think it’s best to stay indoors!

Indoor picnic

Sometimes, all we need is a little summer food to make the hot days bearable. Consider a full-out indoor picnic with your children’s favorite summer lunch. Not only can you spend some time together away from the electronics, it is all the fun without the hassle of traveling to the park.

Movie day

Why not turn your family room into the coolest movie theater in town? Complete your day with your favorite animated movies, make some popcorn (maybe even something a little sweet like a few pieces of candy or juice), and make it a day of it.

Tea parties

Any kind of tea party with dress up involved can be a blast. Let your kid’s imaginations run wild and free while they act like their favorite imaginary character. Not to mention, a cold cup of ice tea will be pretty refreshing!

Unique crafts

Have you ever painted with bubbles, played with water colors, or made your own homemade popsicles? Get creative with your little ones and think of ways to incorporate cold elements into the activity to be sure you’re staying cool in the process.

Of course, there are always more traditional indoor activities like reading, board games, and coloring. If you have a few minutes to yourself while your little one draws or watches their favorite movie, check out Bourgeois Baby’s handmade baby bibs online! They are suitable for longer wear times, which means less drool on their clothes and a dry, cool fit for the rest of the hot season. Check out our website or give us a call today at (603) 459-5768.