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How To Get Stains Out of Bibs and Clothing

It's been asked by many of my customers how best to remove stains from baby bibs. And we want your Bourgeois Baby Bibs to look their best, so here is what I have done to keep them looking as fresh and stain free as possible. This can work for clothing, as well.
Bucket or kitchen sink
Hot water
Bristled brush of some sort (a toothbrush will do!)
Super easy stain removal:
Take the soiled bib and rinse off food under warm water. Next, place soiled bib in about a gallon sized bucket of hot water (water should be hot enough to be a comfortable bath or shower). Add a 1/4 cup of Oxyclean to the water and swirl around in the bucket. Let soak for at least an hour. Use the bristled brush to scrub at any heavy stains after it has soaked. When you are ready to do a load of laundry, throw bib soaking wet into the washing machine. This should take care of stains and keep your Bourgeois Baby Bibs and clothing looking new!
This soak works well even the bib has been washed and a stain has remained. I have used it on my daughters shirts that ended up with one of the worst stain offenders (Nutella- that stuff is worse than puree carrots!) and they have come out stain free.
Some HE Tips: High efficiency machines use less water, which can contribute to stains not washing out as well. Throwing in a soaking wet bib will also help to remove the stains, but also using the "add water" feature to your wash will help, too. Soaking items longer than 1 hour will likely result in better results. I have soaked for 12 hours with fabulous results.
*Oxyclean is the only commercial brand stain remover I have found to work on our products with food stains. The quantity recommended here is more than the manufacturer has on their packinging, but I have not found that it was harmful to our fabrics.