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Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

Spring is just out of reach and baby showers will be in full swing before we know it. There are always plenty of surprises when it comes to baby reveals, but some couple’s choose to keep their baby’s gender a secret or a mystery. When said-baby shower finally arrives, many find themselves scrabbling to get a gift that is gender neutral, and we have some simple suggestions for you to make your shopping process easier.


Don’t forget about color. Warm, muted tones are often seen as gender neutral. Yellows, browns, grays, and greens are staples for any wardrobe or nursery accessory that can be used for both girls and boys.


Ask about themes. Many times within a nursery a theme is chosen. It can be aquatic, farm animals, a specific children’s book, or more. Knowing a theme can narrow in on your potential gift ideas that are both personal and useable in their space.


Diaper/bib cake. This gift has great presentation while featuring themes/colors. Whether it is reusable diapers or our quality bibs, your friends will love the time and effort put into making them a gift such as this.


Personalized onesies. Onesies are a necessity for newborns, and making or purchasing a custom onesie means they will have a staple item in their baby’s wardrobe.


If cute, custom onesies are on your shopping list, check out our Mom & Dad Infant Bodysuits. The light gray color makes this a perfect for both boys and girls and they will look pretty stinking cute in it to boot!