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Fun Baby Shower Games

If someone you know is looking for games for a baby shower, don’t sweat it! There are so many fun ideas all around you, and Bourgeois Baby wants you to be prepared. Our clients have told us all about their fun baby shower games in the past, and we’re happy to share the fun.

1) Guess the baby picture. Have the guests anonymously place their own baby photos in a basket upon arrival. Once you’re certain you have all baby pictures, pin them to a clothes line or a board with designated numbers and guests will write down their names for guesses. Whoever guesses the most right receives a prize!

2) The Newly-mommy game. Instead of the newlywed game, guests can instead play to test their knowledge on the mother-to-be! This can be a fun icebreaker for guests who have not met previously.

3) Onesie designing. This can be as simple or as complex as you want. Fabric markers and paint can be used to decorate plain onesies. Let guests get creative and design a onesie that will be perfect for any baby!

Sometimes, baby shower games are just not our thing, and that’s okay too! There are plenty of ways to make anyone’s baby shower special, and we suggest giving your loved ones a baby gift through Bourgeois Baby. Our spring collection of organic baby bibs are perfect for any theme, and built to last. Designed after modern cloth diapers, it makes a practical and stylish gift for any future mommy.