Fun and Practical Kids Halloween Costumes!

We have to admit- Bourgeois Baby is more excited about picking out kid’s Halloween costumes than our own! There, we’ve said it! How can you deny those cute faces in equally as cute characters? We know that finding a unique costume can be difficult, and we have a few suggestions for you that are also practical for a number of situations!

Newborn: Burrito

If you have a little one that loves to be swaddled, use it to your advantage! People make jokes all the time about tightly swaddled babies, and it’s your time to capitalize. With an off-white swaddle and cap, some fabric for the extras inside, and even a little tin foil to wrap around their feet will give you the cutest baby burrito!

Baby: Carl from Up

Do you have a baby that is just on the verge of walking? There are so many unique ways to work their near-mobility into your costume, and a walker is one of them. Dress up your child like Carl from UP with balloons, glasses, a cardboard house, and all! You can even make a family custom out of it with Doug, Russell, and Kevin!

Toddler: Jellyfish

Are you expecting a rainy Halloween or in a pinch for something creative? Make an umbrella a part of your child’s costume! Hang long strips of fabric from the ends of an umbrella and pick an aquatic color scheme to be the coolest jellyfish around! Maybe even add some battery-powered LED lights for when the sun goes down!

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