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Feeding Picky Toddlers

“Terrible twos” is a term any parent has heard over the years, and sometimes it’s especially true when it comes to toddlers and a balanced diet. After working all day, taking the kids from one activity to the next, and completing everyday chores, the last thing we want is for our little one to reject our homemade meals. It can be downright frustrating, and you might feel at a loss. Bourgeois Baby has a few suggestions to make meal time a little easier.


Make smoothies or other juices! If you have specific concerns about your toddler not getting proper nutrition, smoothies can be a great way to integrate protein, fruits, and vegetables without them knowing. This drink becomes a tasty treat, and helps you rest easier knowing they are getting their daily nourishment.


Cut foods into fun shapes or use it to make art! Sometimes “playing with your food” is exactly what you need to do to make it worth eating. Not only does it connect a positive experience with the foods they are eating, it becomes a great bonding experience with your little one to be creative and silly.


Dip foods into healthy options! Just as creating art out of food, dipping is a fun way for your kids to have fun while they eat. Items like cottage cheese, avocado, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt are great to get extra nutrition in and make their snacks and dinner even tastier than before. Not to mention, a little mess can be a lot of fun!


If dipping food works for your kids, but you’re worried about their clothes getting the brunt of it, consider organic bibs from Bourgeois Baby. Our bibs are modeled after modern cloth diapers and made from an organic cotton and bamboo blend terry cloth. The inner layer is an absorbent cotton flannel, and our designs are created to protect against those quick toddler movements and spills.


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