Fashionable and Functional

Everyone knows that babies are undeniably messy little people. They love to wear their food as much as they love to eat it. Luckily for moms and dads everywhere, Bourgeois Baby carries an adorable collection of practical plastic backed bibs to help save some of those tiny outfits from nasty stains. Our new Spring/Summer 2015 collection is now available for purchase online.

We have taken the time to design and create these bibs because simple “dime-a-dozen” bibs just weren’t cutting it. No matter how hard you try, when it comes to those tiny bibs, lunchtime always ends with a change of clothes and maybe even a bath. Bourgeois Baby created a waterproof bib that covers the entire stomach and spreads wide enough to cover both shoulders. The top layer is designer cotton fabric, the middle layer contains an absorbent cotton flannel, and the back is a polyurethane laminate (PUL) layer that is treated with a waterproofing polyurethane spray. The PUL material is both breathable and machine-washable, making it safe enough for babies and simple enough for moms and dads.

Our designs are all stylish and hip to help your trendy baby keep up with the quickly changing fashion craze of the month. Each bib is designed and created in the United States. Bourgeois Baby combines fashion and functionality with our flexible plastic backed bibs. The way we see it, babies wear bibs for the majority of the time that they are awake so they might as well be fashionable while they do!

To view all of our stylish plastic backed bibs, visit Bourgeois Baby online. All of our collections are available for sale while supplies last. If something you like is out of stock, give us a quick call at 603-459-5768. Sometimes we sell out quicker than we can make the bibs so there may be more on the way! Don’t miss out on the chance to doll your trendy baby up in the styles they’ll love using the materials that you can appreciate.