Essentials for the Family Beach Trip

It’s finally the time of year to get out with the family for the first big beach trip of the season! As a new parent, you might be wondering what you should bring with you, but don’t worry, Bourgeois Baby has you covered! We might make boutique burp cloths and bibs, but we also have been first-time parents too!

Shade. Maybe the most important element, getting your child out of the shade makes it easier for their bodies to cool down and also protects them from the sun. Bring an umbrella!

Toys. You might love sitting in a beach chair, but kids often do not! Having a few little toys to play with in the sand or on a towel can help with entertainment for hours.

Places to sit. Unfortunately, not every little one loves the feeling of sand on the first beach excursion, so always have plan B like beach chairs or towels to act as a barrier!

Sunscreen. We’ve talked about great nontoxic sunscreens to use in the past and it couldn’t be more true! Protect your little ones from harmful rays and harmful chemicals.

Lots of water and snacks. Being in the sun all day is exhausting! Be sure your family is well-hydrated and fed to avoid feeling sick or grumpy with a cooler full of water and treats.

A change of clothes. We’re not talking about for the car ride home! When you have a young one with you at the beach and you’re without Bourgeois Baby’s organic burp cloths, you might find that you or your baby’s swimsuit covered in spit-up.

Luckily, you’ll only need one of our baby burp cloths because it’s made with 100% cotton fabrics that are absorbent, durably, and soft. The front of each burp cloth is made from brushed flannel that wicks away moisture quickly. Check out our inventory online or call us today at (603) 459-5768.