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Essential Toddler Needs

Bourgeois BabyPreviously we had asked what you would advise a new mom or mom-to-be to make sure she had for her baby. There are lots of thought put into what a new baby needs, but I found that as Vera approached toddlerhood I was running to the store what felt like every week for a while when I realized we *needed* something new. If I had a list of suggestions of what stuff new toddlers need to help them with their growing independence and new found motor skills, it would have saved me many trips out.

 So here is a list of some things that we have found essential for toddlers:
  • Toddler cutlery. All of a sudden they want to feed themselves, and having forks and spoons meant for little hands and blunt tines are perfect.
  • Toddler tableware. Some kids do quite well with regular “adult” plates and bowls. But many like to actually see what their plates look like on the way down to the floor (any one have solutions to this….please? Anyone?) so you may not want your breakable dinnerware in their hands. So we love these recycled plastic, BPA free, high sided plates by Re-Play. And what a bonus that they are made in the USA!
  • Travel meal time placemat. These are a great way of going out to eat with a growing baby or toddler who wants to feed themselves but hasn’t yet mastered how to keep food on a plate. Specifically we have the Summer Infant Tiny Diner Placemat, which provides a wide surface for food, a scoop catch for food or liquids that is bound to find its way off the mat but prevents them from spilling all over their lap, and is super easy to clean.
  • Full coverage bibs. As a toddler begins mastering feeding themselves a variety of foods, things get super messy. Depending on the mess potential of the meal, a baby bib isn’t always needed, but when one is needed a tiny baby bib just isn’t going to cut it. Vera can be seen here with yummy but messy lunch of pasta and sauce, still fitting in her Original bib perfectly!
  • Snack trap. Sounds like a ridiculous contraption, but these are a lifesaver! Snack traps are small plastic snack cups with a lid that is soft and allows for little hands to reach in easily without dumping the entire snack on the floor, the car, or where ever. Our favorite is the Playtex Twist n Click Snacker.
  • Step stool. Now that your toddler is gaining independence, they want to do everything! A step stool helps them reach the sink for brushing their teeth and washing their hands.

We’d love to hear what your essential toddler list has on it. You can comment here or join the discussion over on our Facebook page (and don’t forget to “like” us to stay up to date on sales, cool and unique baby gifts, new products, and interesting tidbits of information!). And you can !

~ Jamie