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Do You Eat Naked?

Do you eat naked?
Ok, maybe we don't want to know your answer! But we are going to bet that you don't take your clothes off when you sit down to a meal. So why should your baby?
Most parents-to-be don't think about baby bibs when they are expecting.  Having been there, bibs are the least exciting baby product to think about.  We totally get it!  There are so many other baby products to think about- like car seats, nursery sets, breast pumps- not to mention that such a staple item like a baby bib should have been perfected by now, right?

This is exactly what I thought until I had Vera.  We didn't use baby bibs until she was starting purees at six months old (before that we needs tons of baby burp cloths- ours are heavy duty and long lasting) and I just had whatever I was given at my baby shower. You know the kind- the small, thin cotton jersey style that matched some outfits or came as a 10 pack of scratchy, thin terry cloth.  And they just didn't hold up.  Vera ended up a mess, as did I in the process, and I was frustrated.  Not only were we covered in puree but every single meal ended up with a full clothing change for her and a quick bath.  Suddenly I understood why parents strip their babies down to their diapers in the highchair- if bibs didn't work why even bother?

However, the thought of a cold, naked baby (we live in NH- we have cold winters) with food dripping all over her just wasn't acceptable.  Admittedly I am not always the neatest of eaters either- but I don't go taking my shirt off to compensate!  What I ended up doing was creating the Original Bourgeois Baby Bib, which was designed to fix all of the features that were lacking in the common retail and big box store baby bib.  

The Original Bourgeois Baby Bib was designed with modern cloth diapers in mind.  If you are familiar with modern cloth diapers, then you know they are made from fabrics that absorb messes well while holding up to multiple washes. Here are the key features I looked at when designing and making our quality baby bibs:
  • Fabrics- our bibs have 3 layers meant to keep baby dry and clean during meal time.  Much like cloth diaper soakers or inserts- we sandwich fabric between two outer layers.
    • Top layer is a high quality, designer cotton fabric- often this part of the bib is what catches your eye as we pick fun, stylish and unique prints.  Your baby will have the stylish baby bibs around!
    • Middle layer is an absorbent cotton flannel- you won't see it but you will feel the difference in our bibs as this ads a little bit of cushion.  
    • Back layer is a fabric that we get directly from the cloth diaper manufacturing industry- a velvety soft, absorbent and durable organic cotton and bamboo blend terry cloth.  This stuff is made for being up against baby's bottom- so it's the most luxurious feeling fabric that can take a mess and bounce back like it's brand new, wash after wash.
    • Alternative waterproof backing is available on some of our stylish baby bibs- a waterproof fabric that is used in most outer layers of cloth diapers.  Absolutely no leaking through!
  • Design- our baby bibs are shaped differently on purpose.
    • "Wings"- drape over the shoulder and upper arm to prevent food and liquids from getting under the bib on the sides.  Babies are always moving and looking around- meal times are no exception!
    • Higher neck opening- prevents food and liquids from getting behind the bib from their chin.
    • Longer front- will protect their shirts to the waist, and easily tucks below the table or high chair tray.
  • Adjustable Snap Closure - our Original Bourgeois Baby Bib comes with two snap placements to help give your baby the best fit.  Our snaps are also from the cloth diaper industry- they are heavy duty, sturdy and secure. Also, no more Velcro getting stuck to your laundry, or baby easily pulling off their bib!
Remember, you don't eat naked (we hope!) and baby shouldn't either.  We guarantee that you will LOVE our baby bibs- or if you are giving them as a gift they will love you for getting them such a stylish, practical, and long wearing baby bib.  You can even get 15% off your order by signing up to our newsletter.  Sign up now, and thank you for shopping a small business!
P.S. Don't get us wrong- naked babies are cute!  We want them to be clean and stylish at meal time and saving mom and dad the messy clean up!