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Corduroy Rocks!

Corduroy Rocks!Corduroy is one of my favorite fabrics. As a child I loved the sound of the swish swish when walking, the smooth texture of the nap when running your hands over it, and its comfort and softness. It immediately conjures up images of beautiful New England autumns and the smell of warm cinnamon apples. I even remember the corduroy pants, skirts, and jackets I’ve owned through out my life!
So corduroy was a natural pick for Bourgeois Baby Bibs. Corduroy baby bibs have just the right texture and nap to “catch” liquids, purees, and even solids. The nap, or “wale”, is the textured striping running vertically on the fabric.   The wale number is the number of stripes per inch; the higher the number, the finer the the texture.  Bourgeois Baby uses a very fine wale, also known as pinwale, which provides a super soft fabric. It is also very durable even after many, many washes.
Best of all is that Bourgeois Baby corduroy baby bibs are made to reflect the hip style your baby or toddler wants while remaining a practical baby necessity.
Our current baby bib designs incorporating corduroy are the Blue Whales, Brown Argyle, Superstar, Pink Paisley, Mod Geometrics, Blue Daisies, and the Magenta Hipster.  And there are only a few left of the limited edition Pink Mini Dots Corduroy baby bib.