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Bibs Based Off of Modern Cloth Diaper Designs

There are always new fads coming in and out of the fashion world, and one making its comeback is the reusable, cloth diaper. Millennials are trading in disposable diapers for modern cloth diapers for a variety of different reasons. Some are looking to save money, others are hoping to save the environment, many do not like the material throwaway diapers are made from. Regardless of what caused the switch for these parents, it’s happening and companies are catering to those demands.


Improved materials were the first big step for diaper design, from cotton to the absorbent fabric, it has been often said that cloth diapers have longer wear per use in comparison to disposable diapers and use significantly less toxic materials. This means your baby is in a healthier material during the day that can withstand the same wear and tear as a “normal” diaper would.


Not to mention, designs and fabrics on reusable diapers are much more stylish. Gone away are the white, sterile look of disposable diapers. From different colors to patterns to styles, cloth diapers are more versatile for looks and appeal. Not only are you able to invest in an item that saves you money and is environmentally friendly, your baby will look adorable throughout their diaper-wearing days.


Bourgeios Baby’s designer bibs are based off modern cloth diaper designs, meaning our materials are built to last. Our backing is a velvet soft organic cotton and bamboo blend terry cloth, matching the style of these diapers. Our inner layer of cotton flannel is not only super absorbent, it is made to prevent wilting in the wash similarly to reusable diapers so they can be used time and time again. All of these characteristics mixed with the importance of snaps on our bibs that are cloth diaper industry standard means our bibs will stay on no matter what crazy movement of your baby.


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