Baby Shower Ready!

Baby showers are fun events that spawn so much happiness, but shopping for gifts can be tiresome and repetitive. What if someone else brings the same gift that you bought? What if the parents-to-be don’t like what you brought for them? What if the gift rips or breaks right away? Bourgeois Baby has thought about all of this and more. We have dedicated our craft to designing practical and unique baby gifts for parents, parents-to-be, and baby shower attendees.

Bourgeois Baby is an online shop filled with handcrafted baby items ranging from designer baby bibs with maximum spill protection to organic burp cloths made with extra absorbent materials. All of our products are made by hand in the USA. Our designs are hip and modern so your baby will fit right in with the latest trends. All of the other babies on the playground will be jealous.

Giving the unique baby gifts from Bourgeois Baby will ensure that no one will steal your gift idea. All of our products are one-of-a-kind and of the best quality. Both the parents and the new baby will love the pattern because we strive to be chic on every level. The durability of all of our products will ensure that no rips or tears will occur without intentional distress. They have been designed for curious, destructive little humans who don’t realize what the word “mess” means.

For parents-to-be, consider creating a gift registry on our online shop. With a registry, there will be absolutely no fear of receiving duplicate gifts and every confidence of satisfaction with your unique baby gifts. Visit our online store today to see what Bourgeois Baby has to offer!