Baby Products You Can Do Without

When we have our first child, we might find ourselves overwhelmed by the amount of presents we receive. Our friends and family will “swear by” their favorite baby products, but sometimes, they just don’t work for us! Bourgeois Baby wants to tell you about some of the more overrated baby products we’ve seen in the past, and why you might not need them!

Shopping cart covers. It isn’t out of the ordinary for new parents to be hyperaware of germs, but if you’ve made it this far as a healthy adult, your toddler will be okay! Cart covers are another item to carry and take time out of your shopping so save yourself the trouble and wipe down the handles with the sanitized wipes next to the corral!

Baby wipe warmers. Though this feels like a nice perk for your newborn, a little heat from your hands can do the job similarly! There are many items you will want to spend money on for your child, and down the road, you might wish you used the cash on something more practical.

Pee Pee Teepee. This cone is supposed to protect you from the occasional and surprising potty break from your newborn son as you change his diaper, but it’s proven to be difficult to use time and time again! Save yourself a few moments by switching your shirt when an accident occurs.

Newborn shoes. A pair or two of booties might be great for a keepsake or a photo shoot, but they are ultimately impractical part of your child’s wardrobe. With so many onesies and sock options, and because your newborn isn’t running anywhere fast, it can be best to skip out on these items.

Now, we’re no experts, but we know that there is one thing every newborn needs: baby bibs. Luckily, when you shop with us at Bourgeois Baby, you will findour extensive selection of handmade, organic baby bibs. Designed after modern cloth diapers, our bibs are designed to last, are super absorbent, and look great at the same time. To learn more about our newborn bibs, visit our website or give us a call today at (603) 459-5768.