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Baby Essentials

Looking back on it now, making a baby registry was a total shot in the dark.  The stores all have a list to work off of, marking some things as “must haves” or “essentials”, but many of these suggestions didn’t seem practical.  However, I did follow some of their suggestions, and glad that I did.  I would never have thought of the infant changing pad- something I still use to this day!  Others I am very glad that I didn’t bother with as I never caught myself wishing for something I didn’t have.

So when a new mom-to-be asks what she needs, I recommend a few things:

  • A bottle/baby food warmer
  • Some time of travel system- I was so glad I purchased an infant car seat and stroller system that worked together.  It was so easy to just pop Vera already in her car seat onto the stroller and attend appointments, errands, you name it!
  • Super absorbent burp cloths.  This was hard to find since birds eye cloth seems to be the standard and never seemed to hold up against spit up; Vera had reflux so we could go through many of these every day!
  • High quality breast milk storage.  I really liked the Simplisse storage bags.  Fortunately I found these almost right away, since there is nothing messier or more disheartening than a leaking bag of thawing breast milk in the fridge.
  • A box of the next size diapers- babies grow so fast in the beginning!

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