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A Bib Is Just A Bib, Right?

I never gave bibs a second thought when I was pregnant with Vera. As a matter of fact, I don’t think bibs ever crossed my mind. Why would they? There are plenty of them on the market to choose from, they all do the same thing, right?

Wrong! I found this out when Vera started purees at 6 month old. I had plenty of bibs- those that came as a gift or the ones that come with an outfit or layette set. My mom had also purchased a bunch of bibs that were cute, and I figured I was all set. And every single one was pure disappointment.

Vera would end up covered in baby oatmeal or carrots, you name it! It would be smeared over her shoulders, within her neck crease, and her shirts were never fully protected. We moved to using two bibs in layers, but that still wasn’t enough. I bought and tried all types of bibs available at the big box chain stores, baby stores, and online retailers. We had one layer terry cloth/toweling, vinyl, silicone, jersey cotton….you name it, we had it. Although some were better than others, none had all the qualities that we needed. How could this be possible? Was I the mother of the messiest baby on Earth, or did all the bibs on the market just stink? Talking with other mom friends, I realized I was not alone. I was surprised that the market hadn’t caught up on this. Why weren’t parents everywhere revolting?

Ok, ok…that may be dramatic- but I was determined that meal time would not become bath time. Clothing was not going to be changed just because we had a meal. Incorporating the needs Vera and I had with the market research I did in early 2012, I designed the Original Bourgeois Baby Bib. Our Original bib combines every quality moms were looking for. And it fits newborns through older toddlers (they still fit Vera, now almost 3).

We are so happy to get feedback that the Bourgeois Baby Bibs are the “go to” bib for other families, as well. Many of our customers are repeat customers because once you use one of our bibs, all others are inferior. Another common thread we hear is that parents and those buying our products as gifts for baby showers or other baby occasions are happy to support American Made. All of our products are made in the United States, by a fellow mom. Since the birth of our Original Bib, we’ve added other products as well. Our burp cloths are meant for heavy spitters and babies with reflux. We have a smaller bib, called the Newborn Bib, which fits newborns as well as older babies needing drool protection. We are even working on more clothing products for infants and toddler as we continue to grow.

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