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5 Essential Mom Life Hacks

As a mom, we learn a thing or two about ways to get things done efficiently and effectively. It basically runs in our DNA to troubleshoot problems before they exist, and to think of creative solutions to make our everyday lives easier. There are always these “life hacks” floating around the Internet, and we think moms deserve a helping hand with these mom life hacks.

1) Play cleaning games. Let’s face it, cleaning is a boring task and no wonder your young ones want nothing to do with it! Helping create positive habits by playing cleaning games with your children associates fun with a chore. Not only do you spend time together, your home becomes cleaner in the process!

2) Use pool noodles for safety. Though it might seem silly to start, pool noodles can be used for more than just the water! Cut these toys to make door stoppers, spring protectors on trampolines, and more. They’re flexible and inexpensive!

3) Make monster spray. If your little one is scared of the dark or has a fear of monsters, decorating an old spray bottle to act as “monster spray”. Spray around their room where monsters usually hide to ease their minds for a good night’s rest.

4) Freeze a pacifier for teething. Stick a pacifier in an ice cube tray of water, formula, juice, or milk, and freeze it. This gives your little one a soothing option for their irritated gums. They could be more likely to hold onto and use this option over other teething solutions.

5) Versatile clothing. Just like many mothers are searching for diaper bags that are stylish and functional, the same should be said about your clothing options. Bourgeois Baby offers infinity scarf nursing covers that are wide enough to cover you well, are lightweight, and comes in a number of beautiful designs.

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