3 Staple Wardrobe Items for Moms

Bourgeois Baby was a business created by a mom that was looking for solutions for everyday problems she was having with name-brand baby bibs. Since this is an issue for many, we love to give advice on other mom problems we find and offer solutions. We are Team Mom all the way - any way we can help make your day easier, the better. For all kinds of weather, we have thought of a few staple wardrobe items every mom needs. 


Useful for so many situations, cardigans are an excellent garment to keep in the back of your car to have in case of emergency climate situations. They are the perfect way to cover possible spit up that has miraculously landed on your blouse or t-shirt, a simple way to dress up nearly any outfit, and a great choice to have for unpredictable weather.

A quality pair of fitted jeans

In 2016, we're happy to see that jeans are becoming more of a social norm in plenty of work and gathering settings. From party wear, to casual work outfits, to regular on-the-go options, every mom should have one pair of nice jeans they can rely on for any situation. Not only are they comfortable, but you'll also be happy to have them in your wardrobe for all kinds of times.


We always feel just a little more put together when we can add a scarf to our outfits! Don’t you? There is something about a scarf that we love, no matter what time of year. Whether you use a thicker fabric to keep warm or a breezy material during the summer, they always look great and take your outfit up a notch with little to no effort. 

Because we love scarves so much, Bourgeois Baby has thought of another way to make them even more functional for a mom on the go. Our infinity scarf nursing covers are a fashion statement and a practical accessory. The fabric is wide enough to cover you well, made to stretch, is comfortable and lightweight, and growing babies can use the durable fabric for months and months. 

If you have more questions about our nursing cover scarf, check us out online or call us today at (603) 459-5768.