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Cloth Masks Face Coverings - Child Medium

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Bourgeois Baby is now making double layer cloth cotton masks! 

Our masks come in 4 sizes:  

  • Child Small- suggested ages 3-5
  • Child Medium- suggested ages 5-12
  • Child Large/Adult Small- suggested ages 12+
  • Adult Large- 12+ with broader face shapes

Masks are generously sized like our bibs. Most adults will fit Adult Small.  Because of the handcrafted nature of our products there will be variations.

Each mask has a nose wire to help shape the mask properly to the face.  The nylon ear loops are rounded and comfortable behind the ears. Masks are double layer with quilting cotton OR quilting cotton and flannel cotton depending on print style. The inner side (the side that will sit against your face) will have various prints that may or may not coordinate, but are only visible when you are not wearing the mask.

Masks are machine wash and dry - but we recommend that you reshape after washing and air dry for best results.  You can keep them looking great with a warm iron, just avoid the ear loops!

A few important notes about our cloth face masks: Cloth masks and face coverings are not medical grade masks, and Bourgeois Baby makes no guarantee that our cloth masks will keep you or your loved ones from getting ill.  You can learn more about masks here.  Cloth face coverings are just one part of several simple actions you can take to protect yourself during these unprecedented times.  In case you haven't had enough info on the pandemic, visit the CDC website for up to date information.

Due to the nature of this product- these are non-refundable. Thank you for understanding!